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Two thirds of the campus is surrounded by Lake Wolfgang and forest. This scenery offers a variety of spare time activities. An invitingly romantic serpentine footpath winds its way through the forest along the lake and is ideal for walks and runs. Hiking trails in the surrounding mountains are well marked and safe, and two weekend days are reserved for hiking tours.


The campus area is large enough for almost any sport imaginable, such as frisbee, badminton, soccer, etc. It is also possible to play table tennis. Indoor facilities for volleyball, basketball, soccer, and other sports are available in the local sports hall.
The campus also features tennis courts and windsurfing facilities, and our sports trainer offers tennis and windsurfing courses throughout the duration of the summer program.
The students’ boathouse is not only available for sports activities, but also to relax, sun bathe and for meeting up with other students.


On the weekends, excursions to St. Wolfgang, Salzburg and Ebensee are offered for students. In the course of the four week program students also have the opportunity to attend a dance course, a chamber concert and a Midsummer Night’s ball.


All spare time activities on campus are free of charge.


Hiking on weekends



Boathouse for the SHS students


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