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Additional budget for students from Oberösterreich and Vorarlberg

The Sommerhochschule offers a limited number of partial scholarships every year. Detailed information about the requirements for scholarship applications can be found at the menu under scholarships.


In addition to our regular scholarships grants a special budget is available for Austrian students from the provinces of Oberösterreich and Vorarlberg. We would like to encourage students from those regions to apply for financial assistance. Applications are still accepted.


For detailed information regarding scholarships for students from Oberösterreich and Vorarlberg, please contact the Program Coordinator Nina Gruber via email.






Radio Show by the Sommerhochschule


This year's participants recorded a radio production together with Freies Radio Salzkammergut.



This year Freies Radio Salzkammergut approached the Sommerhochschule to organize a collaboration in order to make the international potential of the Sommerhochschule accessable to the public and to provide a plattform to the students to talk about their interests, cultures and perspectives.


You can listen to the very first radio production, created by the students of teh Sommerhochschule, at the website of the cultural broadcasting archive:


The broadcast is called "Melting Spot – The Summer School On Air".



Alumnus sponsors SHS


Former participant supports SHS with generous donation and provides scholarships for future students.



Alexander Ribbink has been a participant of the Sommerhochschule in summer 1984. He enjoyed his time at the International Summer program tremendously and decided to return the favor by supporting the Sommerhochschule.


His generous donation towards the Friends of the Sommerhochschule will provide a number of scholarships for

future participants in the upcoming years.


Alexander Ribbink still has very fond memories of his time in Strobl: "The key word for me at the Sommerhochschule was international: the students, the professors, the topics and the atmosphere all combined with the incredibly beautiful Austrian scenery and hospitality made for an unforgettable experience. Lots of learning and laughter!"


His international experience at the Sommerhochschule has been one of many stepping stones to his international career.


Alexander Ribbink is a founding Partner of Keen Venture Partners and has over 20 years experience in international marketing, sales and general management and venture. Before joining Keen Venture Partners, Alexander was a general partner at Prime Ventures. He also invested and served as boardmember in Cint (online market research), Greetz (online greetingcards), Layar (augmented reality), (online food delivery) and Bright Computing (advanced cluster management). Prior to Prime Alexander Ribbink was board member and Chief Operating Officer of TomTom, the personal navigation company. He played a major role in the international growth and marketing success of the company and he was part of the leadership team that IPO-ed the company on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 2005.


Prior to his time at TomTom he held a number of senior directors’ positions at MARS Inc. and Unilever NV, living and working across Europe. Alexander holds an MA degree in Law from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA degree from the Rotterdam School of Management.



Newspaper Articles


Der Standard: "Fun-Generation in Alpbach"

(August 19, 2014)


Wiener Zeitung: "Oranisiertes Verbrechen auf der Uni"

(February 8, 2013)


Ischler Woche: "European Studies" im Mittelpunkt der SHS-Kurse in St. Wolfgang

(February 6, 2013)


Die Presse: Sommeruni: Internationales Programm der Uni Wien

(February 2/3, 2013)


uni:view Magazin: Sommerhochschule: European Studies am Wolfgangsee

(April 16, 2012)


Wiener Zeitung: Die ganze Welt in einem kleinen Dorf am Wolfgangsee

(August 7/8, 2010) Internationale Sommerhochschule der Universität Wien am Wolfgangsee

(July 19, 2010)


Salkammergut-Rundblick: Krise ist Zeit der Entscheidung

(July 19, 2010)


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