Art and Design in Vienna around 1900 (Online Course)


This course will deal with the cultural and intellectual achievements of a number of key protagonists from the fields of fine art, applied art, and architecture. It will draw a line from Historicism, the style prevailing in the second half of the 19th century, to Art Nouveau, the style of the young, and will provide an outlook on the Austrian type of Expressionism and modernism in architecture. This art historical examination will be contextualized within the broader spectrum of cultural and professional networks and the critical role of the mass media in promoting and shaping a modern image of the city of Vienna. One of the main aims of the course will be to create a multifaceted picture of what happened in this period of transformation of social and cultural patterns in Viennese society.

Special attention will be given to the gender codes informing the creations of the time.

The first course week focusing on art and visual culture will be conducted by Dr. Monika Schwärzler-Brodesser, the second week dealing with design and architecture by Dr. Elana Shapira.


Requirements and grades: Active participation, either live during the online course or via comments and questions submitted to the instructors, will constitute 20% of the grade. A summary of the class discussions of two course units of choice (one from the first and one from the second week) including the student’s own viewpoints will constitute 30% of the grade. Two papers on art and design (max. three pages, topics to be announced) will constitute 50% of the grade.


A detailed course syllabus can be downloaded as pdf-file.