Psychoanalysis and Literature in Sigmund Freud's Vienna

Eveline List/Johann LughoferFebruary 8 - 194 ECTS


Around 1900, Vienna was politically divided and culturally highly complex. In a way it was “psychologized” to a high degree, even in the fields of art, literature and music. This was a radical reaction against a traditional view of the world. Psychoanalysis would combine developments that had been around since the 18th century. The scientific exploration of intimate emotions and of areas that were once taboo, like infantile sexuality, was considered scandalous, but nevertheless gained a wide notoriety. In this course we want to combine a look at the history of sciences with an exploration of developments in the fields of music, art and literature.

Requirements and grading: Active participation, either live during the online course in class discussion or via comments and questions submitted to the instructors, constitute 30% of the grade, six short written papers 30% and two written finals in the form of essays (minimum 2,500 characters each) 40% of the grade.