Bernhard Schima (Alumnus 1989)

Assistant to the Director General, European Commission Legal Service; Honorary Professor of European Law at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien



In 1989, the Summer School still lasted six weeks and a talent show was organised at the end of the third week. It took place in the old Seehaus, which was later torn down and rebuilt. The picture shows a fictional conversation between Prof. Harvey (teaching "Fin-de-siècle Vienna", played by Ursula Reisenberger – hands/Peter Mackay – rest) and Prof. Gerlich (teaching "Western European Political Systems", played by Elisabeth Heiny – hands/myself – rest). The sketch was triggered by a remark made in class to the effect that Margaret Thatcher was not acting like a woman at all. What our hands did during the conversation was meant to challenge some of the assumptions about typical male/female behaviour. Putting on that sketch was among the most fun moments I remember from those six wonderful weeks.

Having taught a course in Strobl myself now for ten years, I think I can say that, quite apart from the academic content, the summer school offers a fantastic learning opportunity to students by introducing them to other students from all around the world, their ideas and their values. Warm greetings to all colleagues and friends from Strobl 1989!


Bernhard Schima
Strobl Alumnus 1989