Student Testimonials

Read what our students have to say about the univie: summer school for International and European Studies.

Inna Roianova (Ukraine)

Inna Roianova

Inna Roianova

"I want to express my deep gratitude to the Sommerhochschule. I could never imagine that I would be here, among students from all over the world, in such a beautiful place, while learning from professors with great experience, general fame and recognition. Participation in this summer school showed me how to find a balance between study and life, while being in such an intense rhythm of life. I learnt a lot, for instance improving my English skills and starting to learn German as well as upgrading my professional qualifications. I met many good people among the students, with whom I continue to keep in touch after graduation.

To summarize, lots of thanks to you for this experience that was so important for me now more than ever and I will remember you, your kind attentive attitude towards me and to each student of Summer School 2022."

Participant 2022

Jake Dellinger (USA)

"The professors are knowledgeable and passionate about their topics, so they cheerfully helped me understand. Overall, the learning experience in Sommerhochschule was totally unlike what I was used to in my university, and that’s a good thing. The Sommerhochschule generates a community where everyone is simultaneously learning, discussing, relaxing, adventuring, and cultivating new friendships. Against the backdrops of one of the most beautiful places on earth, you’ll get to meet people with different perspectives from all over the world and share some amazing experiences."

Participant 2021

© Jake Dellinger

Sarah Sbeiti (Canada)

© Sarah Sbeiti

"The Sommerhoshchule of the University of Vienna is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had the chance to live. The courses and seminars were given by inspiring professors and political personalities and were incredibly enriching and intellectually stimulating. From the magical scenery surrounding us to the welcoming staff and the amazing and talented students I met through this program, I can certainly say that the summer school greatly exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful to have been given this opportunity, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed in making this experience an unforgettable one!"

Participant 2021

Magda Králová (Czech Republic)

© Magda Králová

"The Sommerhochschule of the University of Vienna has been one of the best and most valuable experiences of my life. During those four weeks in beautiful Alps I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of European Union law and many more disciplines of International Studies, from the greatest international experts. An equally important aspect was that I formed genuine and long-lasting friendships with people from many different countries, with whom we have created unforgettable memories together."

Participant 2021

Timothy Jacobi (Italy)

"The Sommerhochschule in Strobl was positively unique and wonderful on every level. It was academically challenging without being too stressful to socialise and enjoy the scenery, and to be taught by such exemplary and renowned faculty was a fantastic experience. Coming from an academic background that does not really touch upon the subject of Law, much less European Law, I’m very grateful for this opportunity, which allowed me to discover this field of study and motivated me to delve further into it afterwards. Furthermore, the time in Strobl allowed me and the other participants to engage in compelling discourse and genuinely expand our academic and personal horizons. I met so many wonderful people in Strobl and I’m sure that these friendships will last for years to come; thanks to them and the incredible staff, I will always fondly remember my time at the summer school. The extracurricular activities and beautiful location completed an already memorable experience."

Participant 2021

Mélanie Dabboura (France)

© Mélanie Dabboura

"Participating in the Sommerhochschule program was an amazing and fulfilling experience. I had the opportunity to meet such ambitious, unique, and kind students from all origins, who I can now all call friends, as well as brilliant and renowned professors, surrounded by an unreal magical scenery.

In addition to the knowledge I have gained about subjects like monetary policies or European union law, I will forever remember the evenings shared at the pier, the many karaoke songs we sang, and the benevolence of the staff. I hope to encounter the path of the Sommerhochschule once again in the future."

Participant 2021

Lennart Jordan (Austria)

"The month I had the pleasure to spend at the SHS was a more than welcome change after a rather long spell of covid-induced lockdowns and restrictions. The courses on offer allowed us to do a deep dive into the intricacies of European institutions, governance and law. I particularly enjoyed the possibility of exploring the comparative background of European Private Law and expanded my knowledge of the myriad ways in which the European Law and Information Society influences our daily lives.

However, the first-rate academic programme was not everything that we were lucky to enjoy at SHS 2021. There was also a wide range of leisure activities, such as windsurfing, hiking trips, volleyball tournaments and a great many social events, whose official ending was cheerfully extended into the early hours of the morning.

For me personally, the most special part of SHS is its intercultural aspect. Uniting a diverse group of young people from the most wide-ranging cultural backgrounds allowed everybody to find a second home close to the picturesque scenery of lake Wolfgang and the Salzkammergut region. The fun we had together and the strong bonds that we forged during these four weeks will definitely stand the test of time. I am most grateful to have been a part of this experience."

Participant 2021

Osman Altek (Turkey)

Osman Altek

© Osman Altek

"I am grateful for the scholarship I received and the assistance of the excellent administrative staff, especially during my visa application. This highly valuable experience was my first time abroad, which intensified the exhilaration back then. In Strobl, I not only had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the world of international commercial arbitration taught by an outstanding academic staff, I also enjoyed the sport activities, the nature, the diverse international atmosphere and made quite a number of new lovely friends. My thanks and warm feelings go to the ones who lend a hand in providing this extraordinary program."

Participant 2019

Eva Ribbink (The Netherlands)

Eva Ribbink

© Eva Ribbink

"My summer in Strobl was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. It taught me a lot; on an educational as well as personal level. The courses allowed me to expand my knowledge and interests from different perspectives, and it was incredible being taught by such bright minds with so much experience in their professional fields. 
The evenings sitting together by the lake, or having a beer at the bar, all the activities going on during the week and  the field trips in the weekend completed the experience; I have made friends for life who I still speak to on a daily basis (regardless of the different time zones!).
To spend a summer in the beautiful Austrian alps, at the breathtaking Wolfgang lake, while getting to know people from all over the world while learning about every aspect of Europe was one of the most transformative experiences I have had. It was truly one of the best summers of my life!"

Participant 2018

Sabahat Afsheen (Pakistan)

“The Sommerhochschule of the University of Vienna has no match - neither in its diversity in culture nor in its diversity in subjects. I met plenty of talented and determined candidates from all over the world in Strobl, a place whose beauty and peace is not replicable. The tranquility of the summer campus was filled with excitement and laughter of 120 people who did not share the same race, culture, or nationality. Yet, together, they were jumping in the lake, preparing for the exams, exploring the mountains, and enjoying the parties. This experience of unity and diversity at the same time could not occur anywhere else. New horizons for the future opened up and new relations for the present were built. I absolutely loved my time in Sommerhochschule 2017.”

Participant 2017

Beenish Khan (Pakistan)

"I will never forget the time that I spent in Strobl. These are the best memories of my life.
During the SHS, I met the best teachers that I have ever had in my life. I especially liked the course International Refugee Law and Policy. Professor Andreas Schloenhardt inspired me in so many ways.
The whole team of the summer school is immensely cooperative and nice."

Participant 2017

Ellen Wood (Australia)

"The campus itself was beyond my expectations. The rooms where we stayed were perfect for what we needed. The meals were always of a high standard and the staff really did look after us so well.
I spent every single afternoon in the lake relaxing, playing, windsurfing and paddle boarding, or simply chilled out with friends at the boathouse.
The extra-curricular activities were brilliant. Windsurfing classes were offered in the first two weeks where I proved to myself that I could actually windsurf (albeit very badly). Tennis classes were held in the latter half of the program. Both activities were SO MUCH FUN!
Throughout the whole month, volleyball and soccer games were regular afternoon activities, and a table tennis tournament was organized that showcased our competitive sides.
Every weekend there was something organized to allow us to explore the beautiful area around us, including day trips to new places, and hikes up some pretty amazing spots (to give you the best view in Austria!).
The courses I took were extremely relevant to current world issues and the professors were all so passionate. I was motivated to learn as much as possible and I truly gained a real interest in examining this world. Honestly, I have rarely felt so stimulated, determined and challenged in class discussions, and because you are encouraged to consider all perspectives, having a cohort consisting of over 30 different nationalities made this learning experience such a unique one. I do not think I will ever come across a place of learning where I have felt so comfortable, surrounded by great and loyal friends, where all prejudices are pushed aside and new cultures are discovered.
Most importantly, what really made this program for me were the people. The Sommerhochschule staff (the organizers, administrators and professors) are not only mentors, but also friends. I have no words to explain how hard they worked and how much they invested into making this the best experience possible, only that I am extremely grateful for every little thing they did for us.
The program is so special because it attracts like-minded people from all over the world. In addition, living together for a month learning about the world in this serene Austrian lake-spot really was a dream come true!
Honestly, it was the best experience of my life! I feel more aware of the world I live in. I feel more informed, yet thirsty to learn more.
I am going to chase another experience like this but I know I will never come across something remotely similar. The Sommerhochschule is one of a kind!"

Participant 2015

Margaret Harris (New Zealand)

"One of the features that was the most rewarding for me though was the opportunity to pick up a little German. I anticipated my (hilariously accented) basic German to be immediately useful as I toured Austria and Germany, and it really was - but I did not realize how academically useful it was going to be afterwards as well. It took barely two weeks here in the United States to realize that being able to speak a little German opened doors I never even used to see.
Not only was the quality of the teaching outstanding, the location stunning, and the activities awesome… but the folks that you brought together really made the experience something special."

Participant 2011

Katarzyna Laskawiec (Poland)

"I will always have very fond memories of Strobl, as I think it was the most enriching summer program I have ever been to, both educationally and socially and I am still happy to keep in touch with many participants from my year."

Participant 2010

Ljubica Djordjevic (Serbia)

"The course curriculum was excellent and the faculty was composed of true experts in the relevant fields, who had also a very good teaching skills.
The German language course was a true inspiration for me and in Strobl I actually got an impetus to continue learning the language. The lectures were very good; the group was small so the teacher had the opportunity to teach us almost individually."

Participant 2009

Yevgenia Gaber (Ukraine)

"The SHS aims at providing a broad multidisciplinary and multidimensional overview of the current international system and to giving an incentive for further studying, to become that driving force that will lead its students towards future investigations, more profound and more specialized in research area.
Stimulating, provocative, exciting, the European Studies courses motivate to inquire, discuss, debate, analyze and make decisions, consider all points of view and make your own conclusions. As one professor put it, now we are all “confused but on a higher level” – a result of one-month’s efforts and endeavors that is still more inducing than discouraging to continue working in the same direction.
Strobl is a unique place for learning together and from one another about origins, interests and institutions in a relaxed atmosphere of loyalty and equality where all sorts of borders and prejudices fade away, horizons are expanded, common outlook is broadened, new countries and cultures are discovered.
The International Summer Program of the University of Vienna is first and foremost about studying but never confined to it. It is about meeting new people, forming new bounds, opening new opportunities and exploring new directions.”

Participant 2009

Rajiv Dalal (India)

"The experience was simply amazing, great academic courses coupled with excellent management and social networking."

Participant 2008

Sanja Hajdinjak (Croatia)

"I am grateful for the scholarship I received and for the opportunity to come to Strobl. In a fascinating way, it was maybe even the best month in my entire life and made me a better person. Just being there and spending some time with so many young people from different nations was very inspiring, illuminative and instructive. When I first came to Strobl, I thought that we were very much unlike each other but in the end, I realized that all our differences can and in fact are supposed to be ignored.
The faculty was brilliant and the teaching methods used very different from what I am accustomed to. The organization was flawless and I will cherish my memories of Strobl as long as I live."

Participant 2007

Mirgul Karimova (Kyrgyzstan)

"I have never met such experienced professors in my life before."

Participant 2007

Raluca Radescu (Romania)

"I am thankful towards the Sommerhochschule for making a real difference in my life."

Participant 2007

Olga Gontsa (Ukraine)

"This program is the most wonderful and interesting experience I have ever had in my life. I was impressed by the level of organization, your attention, care, and friendship. Due to the SHS, I have a lot of friends all over the world now. I will never forget Strobl and I will always be happy that I had the opportunity to experience this. It was an unforgettable summer!"

Participant 2006

Irina Guban (Moldova)

"Without any doubts, it is a great opportunity to combine both: studies and entertainment. The knowledge I received at the Sommerhochschule was really useful and helped me to better understand the European Union's structure and functioning. In addition, I built a network of friends throughout the world and learnt a lot about different countries and cultures."

Participant 2004

Clara Büllingen (Austria)

"First of all, I have to say that the 4 weeks in Strobl were one of the best things I ever did in my life! For me Strobl stands for the perfect mixture of vacation, learning, and multicultural exchange. Coming from Austria the landscape there is nothing new for me but the campus next to the lake is really an extraordinary place. Due to the perfect weather, we could spend nearly every afternoon on the dock - windsurfing, rowing or just relaxing in the sun.
The well-planned trips to St. Wolfgang, Salzburg etc. gave us not only the possibility to get to know more about this beautiful region of Austria but also to strengthen the contact with the foreign students. After the 4 weeks, I really had the impression to be able to understand the different mentalities better. A few months later, I am still in contact with many of the participants of the SHS 2003. This is also a sign of the good atmosphere on the campus. We visit us and take part of our lives in general.
Last but not least the courses: in the year before the Enlargement, I found the different approaches to Europe even more challenging. The 4 weeks brought me Europe closer and additionally many new friends!"

Participant 2003

Kateryna Kryvoshey (Ukraine)

"Besides useful knowledge, I have found wonderful friends in Strobl!"

Participant 2003

Silvia Li (USA)

"The program surpassed my expectations in every way; the quality of the courses, the excellent facilities and superb meals, and, of course, all the marvelous excursions and the delightful people made my experience in Strobl absolutely memorable. My four weeks at SHS definitely changed me – it was so great I cannot adequately put it into words!"

Participant 2003

Ivana Premerl (Croatia)

"Participating in Sommerhochschule was a challenging and rewarding experience. A key element in active learning process was the communication with so many different people. Meeting all those experts and key players in that field was a great experience. With all faculty members at Sommerhochschule, I had opportunity to acquire the most advanced knowledge and to develop the necessary skills and attitudes so vital for me in future."

Participant 2003

Michael Aktipis (USA/Greece)

"The housing was way beyond my wildest dreams."

Participant 2001

Dara Hrytzak (Canada)

"I had an amazing time studying at the Sommerhochschule and will always hold the faculty, staff and students in the highest regard. It was an experience I will never forget and always cherish."

Participant 2001

Margarita Martin-Hidalgo (USA)

"I enjoyed the program because I was able to meet people from all over the world. It was an interesting experience for me because I was given the possibility to learn about different cultures."

Participant 1998

Emily Tsang (China)

"The program brightened up my life, it also gave me a chance to see things in different aspects, to evaluate myself and grow in a lot of aspects. I have to say 1000 thanks for all the people who made the summer school meaningful, I will not forget it during my whole life!"

Participant 1998

Philippe Brems (Belgium)

“I have never experienced such an intellectually inspiring environment. Complementary to the academic program I was pleasantly surprised by the international and social stimuli.”

Participant 1997

Julian Durazo H. (Mexico)

“In a world of ever going togetherness, places like Strobl are important to ensure that harmony and not conflict emerges from constant contact. This is only possible by sharing experiences and learning together, such as we do in the international summer school.”

Participant 1997

Amanda Hogan (USA)

"Hands down, the most unforgettable four weeks of my life! An enlightening experience! I never thought I could feel so at home so far away."

Participant 1997

James Okee Obong (Uganda)

“Strobl is a center of enlightenment, cultural intersection and self-evaluation. It is an ideal place for preparing the human kind for the challenges of globalization of the next millennium!”

Participant 1997

Hyun Sun Yu (Korea)

“The true global experience is the Strobl-experience.”

Participant 1997

Venkat B. Mani (India)

"Wonderful people from all over the world, friendships, fun and an excellent academic experience."

Participant 1995

Rania El Razzaz (Egypt)

"The summer program allowed me ample opportunities for academic achievements, and enjoying the surrounding beauty either on campus, or at the lake."

Participant 1994

Sven Koopmans (The Netherlands)

"It is exceptional, it is fascinating, and it is a learning experience. You get the possibility to view the world from a different perspective, see there actually are no borders..."

Participant 1994