Course Information

The program offers six courses about the history, economy and society of the late Habsburg Monarchy, as well as fine arts, architecture and design of the same period and developments in psychology, literature, and music. All together a deep insight in society and culture of this fascinating period of modernization will be given.

The preparatory seminar Introduction to Fin-de-Siècle Vienna on the first weekend will provide students with the basic knowledge needed for their selected courses. Attendance at the preparatory seminar is mandatory as the seminar is a prerequisite to attend the following courses.

Course Selection

Two student taking part in classroom discussion

Active participation in class

The univie: winter school for Cultural Historical Studies offers six courses.

In total, students can attend two courses: Students can select one course during the early morning (8:30am –10:30am) and one during the late morning (11:00am –1:00pm). For further details please see the schedule.

While students have to fulfill the Sommerhochschule requirements, course selection should also be made according to the requirements of the respective home university. It is recommended to discuss course selections with representatives of the home universities to ensure or simplify accreditation after the program.

ECTS Credits & Contact Hours

The winter school offers six courses with 4 ECTS credits per course (corresponding to 32 contact hours). Each contact hour consists of 45 minutes classroom teaching.

In the course of the two-week program students can attend two courses and obtain up to 8 ECTS credits.

Exams & Grading System


Classroom of the University of Vienna (2019)

Final examinations are given in all courses. Courses are graded using the Austrian grading system: 1 (Sehr gut/very good); 2 (Gut/good); 3 (Befriedigend/satisfactory); 4 (Genügend/sufficient); 5 (Nicht genügend/failed). The grade points given in the transcript provide an opportunity to differentiate performance within each of the stated grades.

Grade and grade points are as follows:

Austrian Grade Grade Points
1 89 –100
2 76 – 88
363 – 75
451 – 62
50– 50

The Sommerhochschule reserves the right to exclude students from the winter school in case of improper behavior.

Classroom Attendance

Classroom attendance is vitally important for successful completion of each course, particularly in those classes which rely on classroom discussion or other forms of active participation by the students. Therefore regular classroom attendance is mandatory for all courses. Students absent from classes without leave will not be graded.

Attendance of the preparatory seminar on the first weekend is also mandatory, as the seminar is a prerequisite to attend the academic courses.


Transcript of Records will be given to students who attend classes regularly and who pass the exams.

Cancellation of Courses

The Sommerhochschule reserves the right to cancel any course for which the number of registered students is deemed insufficient, or for other compelling reasons.