Gregory M. Huckabee (Alumnus 1975)

Associate Professor of Business Law at the Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota

"It is wonderful of you and your staff to reach out to Sommerhochschule alumni!  It was my honor and privilege to attend this program the summer of 1975, which probably makes me one of the elder ones.  It was my good fortune to be assisted with a scholarship to make attendance possible.  The experience helped prepare me for the profession of law.  Having retired from a 27 year military law practice, I now find myself teaching as a second career.  I owe much to my great Sommerhochschule experience as it widened my view of the world and helped me practice law abroad for almost ten years.  I will mail in my alumni application and instruct my bank to send you funds in Euros at the bank account address on the application.  My memories are vivid and warm of that summer so long ago.  The Director I recall took me sailing one day and we ended up in the St. Wolfgang See when a wind overtook us.  He went on to become a Finance Minister in the Austrian government I do believe.  Again, thank you for reaching out.  I look forward to learning more."


Gregory M. Huckabee
Strobl Alumnus 1975