Austrian Arbitration Academy

Unit 1 & Unit 2

Paul OberhammerJuly 13 – July 278 ECTS credits


The Austrian Arbitration Academy is a two-week intensive program within the univie: summer school for International and European Studies for both regular students of the summer school and participants who take part only in this special arbitration course.


It addresses the following groups of participants:

  • Students and Law School Graduates interested in the world of international dispute resolution
  • Young Practitioners looking for a comprehensive course giving them first-hand insights from the world of international arbitration


Professor Paul Oberhammer acts as course director.


The classes will be taught by first class international arbitration practitioners from both the bar and academia including:

The Austrian Arbitration Academy program takes place from July 13 to July 27, 2024 and consists of 64 contact hours. (Each contact hour consists of 45 minutes class time.)

Classes will be held Monday to Friday mornings with an introductory session on Sunday, July 14. In additional afternoon and evening workshops the participants will discuss salient issues of international arbitration with special guests from the international arbitration community.

On July 26 a written exam will take place. On the day before the exam, a special Q&A session will help the participants to prepare for the exam.

Successful participants will receive the University of Vienna Austrian Arbitration Academy diploma.


The classes will cover the following issues:

  • Introduction to International Arbitration
  • The Arbitration Clause
  • The Arbitral Tribunal
  • The Arbitral Proceedings
  • The Arbitral Award
  • The Challenge of the Award
  • The Enforcement of the Award
  • Introduction to Investment Arbitration