European Union Law

The Court of Justice of the EU and the Internal Market

Bernhard SchimaJuly 29 – August 94 ECTS credits


This course is designed to help students understand the system of judicial protection in European Union (EU) law and the importance of the contribution of the Court of Justice of the EU to the development of the Internal Market.


This course will:

  • discuss the various judicial remedies in the EU legal order with particular emphasis on the infringement procedure and the preliminary reference procedure;
  • explain the concept of an internal market;
  • explore how the Court of Justice in its case-law has contributed to making the free movement of goods, persons, services and capitals operational, and
  • look at the interplay between the Court's case-law and secondary Union legislation establishing the Internal Market.


Requirements: Performance will be assessed on the basis of a short quiz (30% of the grade) at the end of the first week and a written final exam (60%). Class participation will be taken into account (10%).


This course, which looks at European integration from a legal perspective, is recommended for students with prior knowledge of the institutions of the European Union or who have taken the course: The Institutional Framework of the European Union.