View of park area with one white three floor house in the Background and a sign reading

Entrance of the summer school campus

The univie: summer school is located in the picturesque village of Strobl in the Salzkammergut region, one of Austria’s most attractive summer vacation areas. Students and faculty are accommodated in high standard single rooms at the program’s beautiful summer campus on the shore of Lake Wolfgang.

The four week program offers high level European Studies courses.

The unique Strobl experience is enhanced by an extensive extracurricular program including sports courses (windsurfing and tennis), mountain hiking, free-time activities, and excursions.

The campus life creates an environment which encourages intercultural and social exchange and favors mutual understanding within the international student population. Participants thus broaden their horizon, meet colleagues from different fields of study, make friends for life and build connections for their future professional careers. The alumni network of former Sommerhochschule participants enables students to stay in touch even long after their stay in Strobl.

Not only was the quality of the teaching outstanding, the location stunning, and the activities awesome… but the folks that you brought together really made the experience something special."

Margaret Harris (New Zealand)

Important Dates (On-site Program)

Students dressed up in Cocktail Dresses and suits, standing on lawn, drinking, and talking in small Groups.

Reception at the Opening Ceremony of the summer school

The univie: summer school 2021 takes place from July 17 to August 14, 2021.

On Saturday, July 17, at 7:00 pm an orientation session given by the Program Coordinator will introduce the participants to the program and the campus. Students are advised to arrive before 6:00 pm that day.

On Sunday, July 18, at 10:30 am the official Opening Ceremony will take place on the campus in the Bürglsaal. Attendance of the Opening Ceremony is mandatory.
In the evening at 8:30 pm a welcome reception will give students the opportunity to meet informally with faculty and staff.

On Saturday, August 14 at 10:00 am, a Closing Ceremony will formally end the 2021 Session.
Attendance of the Closing Ceremony, which will officially end around 12 noon that day, is mandatory. Students should make their travel arrangements accordingly.

Clothing (On-site Program)

A group of students dressed up in cocktail dresses and suits.

Participants dressed up for the Midsummer Night's Ball

Casual wear will suffice for most activities. Students are, however, requested to have suitable attire for formal occasions like the Opening Ceremony, and the Closing Ceremony. Dark suits for men and evening or cocktail dresses for ladies are recommended.

Please note that the temperatures can vary between 16 and over 30 degrees Celcius. (Please refer to the infomation listed unter climate for more detailed information.) Rain wear, warm clothes and sturdy shoes are strongly recommended, particularly for participation on hikes. (Students who do not bring hiking boots cannot participate in the mountain hikes.)