Society, Politics, and Daily Life in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna

Karl VocelkaFebruary 5 - 164 ECTS


The course covers the period from the 1860s to 1918 in the capital of the Habsburg Monarchy Vienna and deals also partly with the interwar period.

In the first part, the social system (dynasty, nobility, ennobled bourgeoisie, bourgeoisie, workers, and outsiders) is discussed intensively. Education and social behavior of each social group are discussed.

In the second part, the politics of the city of Vienna during this period is analyzed (city expansion and improvement of the infrastructure, the administration of the city, the parties, and their programs, etc.).

The third part centers on education, medical care and its progress, the emancipation of minorities and especially women.

The fourth part examines some exemplary aspects of everyday life in its social differentiation, topics such as living, dressing, eating, and drinking, as well as amusement and participation in social events and sports will be the focus.

Requirements: The grading is based on participation during class (20%), a short paper (40%) and the written final exam (essay type) (40%).